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I- Creation

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III- Photographs

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IV- Protection provided by copyright

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V- Protection of brands and logos

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VI- Hyperlinks

The Company shall not be held liable for external hyperlinks included in the context of this portal, or the content of the third-party websites to which they lead. The Company accepts no responsibility for the information presented on these other websites.

VII- Personal data protection

The WIZZCOM – Décostick company processes personal data used for:

  • prospecting;
  • relationship management with its customers and potential customers;
  • processing, performance, prospecting, production, management, order tracking and customer file tracking;
  • invoicing;
  • accounting.

The company SYNIA – Décostick only retains data for as long as needed for the operations for which they were collected, as well as in compliance with the applicable regulations.

In this respect, customer data are stored for the duration of contractual relations plus 3 years for organisation and prospecting purposes, without prejudice to retention or limitation period obligations. In terms of accounting, they are kept for 10 years, starting from the end of the financial year.

The processed data are used by authorised persons from the WIZZCOM – Décostick company, as well as its service providers.

Under the conditions defined by the French Data Protection Act and the European regulations on data protection, individuals have the right to access, rectification, interrogation, restriction, data portability, and erasure of their personal data.

The individuals concerned by the processing carried out also have the right to object at any moment, for reasons relating to their particular situation, to a processing of personal data whose legal basis is the legitimate interest of the WIZZCOM – Décostick Company, as well as a right to object to commercial prospecting.

They also have the right to define the general and specific guidelines defining how they wish the abovementioned rights be exercised after their death via email at the following address “[email protected]” or by post at the following address: WIZZCOM Décostick, 2 Rue du Perpignan, ZAC Descartes, 34880 LAVERUNE, accompanied by a signed photocopy of proof of identity.

The individuals concerned have the right to make a complaint with the CNIL (National Commission on Informatics and Liberty).

VIII- Cookies

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a/ If you use Internet Explorer

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b/ If you use Google Chrome

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IX- Miscellaneous

WIZZCOM, Décostick reserves the right to modify this notice at any time. It is therefore necessary to consult it on a regular basis.

The law applicable to the website is French law. For any dispute, the relevant courts under jurisdiction of the Appeals Court of Montpellier shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

Privacy Policy

The Décostick website uses cookie technology to improve browsing and the user’s experience of the website. While browsing this website, these cookies may be stored on the browsers of the device used, regardless of the device (computer, tablet, Smartphone). They are especially used during identification to analyse the traffic and the use of website elements. At any time, users can decide to accept or refuse the use of cookies, as well as modify their preferences.

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